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Quotes of Resistance (#QoRxERIF) is both a social media campaign and a set of printed postcards that amplify antiracist voices in contemporary Europe. This project materializes our commitment to diffuse, valorize and archive antiracist efforts and stories of resistance. 

#QoRxERIF, part 1, puts a spotlight on words voiced during our Returning the Gaze II: Stories of Resistance conference, which took place at the end of 2016 at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. QoRxERIF, part 2 highlights the words of scholars, artists and activist published in the darkmatter special issue 15: (De-)Facing the Dark face of Europe: the on-going struggle against blackface and anti-Black racist imagery, based on the ERIF Returning the Gaze Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2014.

Quotes of resistance was funded by ENAR. This allowed us to work with Burobraak Social Design to conceptualize, design and produce the cards. For QoR_2 it allowed us to work with Jenny Oliveira Caldas to help us develop the social media campaign.  

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the ERIF team

About ERIF

In July 2013, the founding members of the European Race and Imagery Foundation (ERIF) came together with the shared aim of analysing and combating contemporary negative representations of people of colour across Europe. Namely we are interested in how European understandings of home, belonging, space, citizenship and identity are racialised. We are positioned specifically in a bid to depart from US-centric understandings of race and racism, which do not always necessarily relate to the European experience.

Subsequently, the foundation aims to organize various annual projects as well as contribute to existing projects by other anti-racism organisations. Members of this foundation are affiliated with international universities, cultural organisations, activist groups and art collectives. We are located across the continent: in the UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland, although our wider collaborative network spans much further. As members of this single foundation, we are creating a wider, interdisciplinary network of campaigners and thinkers, while combining our talents, experience and ideas to bring about safe, accessible and meaningful platforms.

We believe strongly in working in solidarity with fellow European anti-racism organisations (such as InterNational Anti-Racism Group and Roma Jam Session Art Kollektiv) towards achieving a collective liberation. To us, this means bringing an end to racism via our specific focus on imagery, as well as other oppressive socio-political structures such as, patriarchy, state sanctioned violence, heteronormative world-views, exploitation of natural resources, ableism and capitalism.

Ultimately, we are working towards a new world-order, which emphasises a poetics of difference, where bodies and citizens marked by racial difference can have complex identities and lives that matter equally. This will entail a cooperative, mutually supportive and inclusive societal structure as well as ongoing and active quests for social justice and democratic ways to live together. In other words, radical equal participation in society for everyone.

Furthermore, our vision demands a radical review of conceptualising “Europeaness” by critiquing dominant narratives of belonging, and the analysis of imagery that contributes to the visual culture(s) that communicate what Europe is.

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